No, this is not an autobiography. I have experienced a lot in my life. Some succeeded and is pleasing. Some did not hit the mark or turned out to be unimportant. Here are some benchmarks:

1945                                  born in Winterthur, Switzerland
since 1956 (Sputnik)         fascinated by astronomy
since 1961 (Confirmation)  interested in theology
1969                                  Diploma in theoretical physics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
1972                                  completion of doctoral thesis withThomas Gold at Cornell University (USA)
since 1972                        research and teaching astrophysics at ETH Zurich
1979                                  habilitation in astrophysics
1993                                  promotion to professor in physics at ETH Zurich
since 1998                        Swiss lead of the Herschel Space Observatory, development and operation
1999 - 2002                      president of the Swiss Society for Astronomy and Astrophysics
2000 - 2003                      president of Division II (Sun and Heliosphere) of the International Astron. Union
2006 – 2011                     Principal Investigator of STIX instrument on the Solar Orbiter Mission of ESA
2010                                  emeritation
Since 2010                        part time work at the Institute for Astronomy of ETH Zurich
Since 2010                        part time employment at the Institute of 4D Technologies, University of Applied
                                            Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland
2011                                  honorary doctor of Zurich University for interdisciplinary work
2017                                  honorary doctor of the University of the South, Sewanee TN, USA, "for his
                                          distinguished contributions to astronomical inquiry and for his illuminating,
                                          interdisciplinary reflections"

Much could be told about my marriage with Elisabeth Ringli, our four children and 13 grandchildren; also of the early passing of my first wife in 2008 after a severe illness. Since 2014 I am happily married again with Ruth Wiesenberg.


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