Welcome to the other homepage of Arnold Benz !

There is already a homepage at ETH Zurich that describes my main professional activities.

I am an astrophysicist and study the Sun and how it formed together with planet Earth from an interstellar gas cloud. But I am not only a scientist. Sometimes I am amazed how the universe developed to today's diversity, or I am frightened how all that has evolved will decay in the future. Aside of my professional work, I have wondered about the Big Questions ofthe origin, meaning and goal of the cosmos.

Can we trust in the future? I find it challenging to talk to theologians, who have asked these questions since time immemorible. In these pages I summarize my thoughts and publications on the relation of science and religion.

New: Antony Flew’s Question and Its Answer - How to Perceive God? Perspectives on Science
and Christian Faith (PSCF),
71, 1, 16 - 23 (2019)

New: How do you talk to a physicist about God? In print at Studies in Science and Theology, 2019