Mission to Saturn
The Story of a Debate About Science and God

by Arnold Benz and Samuel Vollenweider
Crossroad Publishing, New York, January 2022, 273 pages ISBN: 9780824550554
Price: US$ 39.95, CA$ 53.95

An honest dialogue between experts in science and theology that utilizes a truly unique narrative conceit

Artfully framed as a suspenseful space mission to Saturn, this book offers astounding, honest encounters between physics and religion—a SciFi novel doubling as a textbook that will prove challenging yet accessible to lay readers. Among the crew members of the spaceship are an astrophysicist and a theologian deeply engaged in big conversations. For example, does a hurricane on Titan have anything to do with the Easter message? This book, unusual in its scope, breaks open new pathways in the much needed meeting of science and religion in today's society